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June 15, 2018



I woke up this morning with an idea inspired by my iPod’s shuffle setting. Ever log onto Soundcloud and just listen to the first 3 songs on your feed? I never have. I’m usually digging amidst my friend’s playlists and artists I already trust to find stuff that fits with the vibe of music I’m into at the time. But today, I decided to give all these random Soundcloud musicians a chance, and listen to the first 3 songs on my feed no matter who or what they are.


Soundcloud is cool because you don’t really know what you’ll get. The songs are all titled, and they have a cute little picture beside the soundwave to get ideas rolling, but you don’t know what you’re in for until you give the tracks a play. A wanna-be basement rapper who recorded his track on a USB mic? Maybe. An angelic hymn that sounds like Beyonce and Enya had a baby and made a record? OK! The hypest banger you’ve ever heard that only has 400 plays? Yup! You never know what you’ll find on there. And that’s what today’s Ear High is all about. Embracing spontaneity, the unknown, and the infinite possibilities that lay in every moment of every day.


This morning I’m puffing on a Sativa joint of delicious Cali Orange. Cali Orange is probably one of my top 5 strains at the moment. It tastes as sweet as it smells and it instantly puts me in a creative mood. I love it because it gives me no high-hangover whatsoever and I can go on with my day as usual without the burn-out that I often get with Sativa strains. Grab yourself some Cali Orange, log on to Soundcloud, and let the feed dictate your vibe! Here’s how mine turned out this morning:






At first listen? Pretty good. I like his name. “Whomi.” I pronounce it WHO ME? The production is pretty flames (that means HOT, if you’re not up on the lingo): nice, trappy, hi-hats-laced with heavy base and impressive mixing. However once giving the lyrics a close listen, I became disappointed. Lots of misogyny that screams “I’m probably 17 and being influenced by mainstream trap”.  There’s nothing overly exciting about what he has to say, and it feels to me like he doesn’t fabricate his own ideas or have a developed mind of his own. Worth 1 listen at most, I didn’t hate it but I’ll never play it again.

Stranger Things T.T by Nevaeh


I would describe this one as ambient trap, and it’s definitely a great stoned listen. It only has 66 plays but I can imagine it will grow greatly over time (it’s only been out for an hour). The song transported me away from physical form and into a blissful head bop through the depths of my subconscious. The drums are pretty simple, and maybe even boring, but I kind of like that about it. I’m able to let the main synth carry me instead, with it’s grand encompassing ambience. The simple layers of the song help me get lost in the rhythm, making this one a meditative listen for me. I’ll keep this one on rotation for morning yoga and meditation!

???? by Monte Carlo Doualiya


Umm.. As part of my promise to remain spontaneous, I’ve included this song. However, I’m going to skip reviewing it as I have no idea what it is or what it’s about. I’m not sure how this got on my feed. Let’s pick another one.

Me by L D R U (feat. BOI)


When I saw Earmilk reblog this, I knew it would at least be well produced. This isn’t a genre of music that I would ever visit on my own, but it’s great. The girl has a smooth tone to her voice and she’s able to keep me engaged despite the annoying synth sound that breaks up her lines. I can imagine this being played at a square beach party somewhere in the suburbs. I appreciate it for what it is: a poppy, synth-heavy party song.


All in all, this spontaneous morning of music has been kind of neutral. I’m happy to have found at least 1 song I’ll play again. It’s good to get out of your routine and comfort zone regularly, even if it’s with things as small as your music choice. Switching up patterns can help us find new realities and ideas to convey, it keeps the brain healthy and sharp, and is especially important if you’re a creative person. Now it’s your turn! Smoke up and let Soundcloud shuffle you into some new tunes!

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