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May 4, 2017


Brazilian turn-up is the new wave. You might not be up on it yet, but let us here at Wealth Blog get you on board. This will do more than get your ears high: this is pure ear crack.

At first listen I thought a sativa strain would be a nice complementary smoke, but I quickly realized they’re too conflicting in their similarity-  high strung, intense, lively, and awakening. So instead I opted out for some Rockstar, a refreshing indica that got me relaxed and smiling ear to ear. With a strong body high in effect, my mind had the space to take in the lively sounds of what I can only define as “Brazilian Turn-UP”.

If you’re in a bad mood put this on blast. If you’re at the gym trying to get fit, work out to this. If you’re speeding down the highway feeling free, bang this on your stereo. It’s totally unique in that you aren’t burdened with the commonly empty lyrics of most turn-up/trap tracks. You can just enjoy the sonic value of these vocals without hearing about some degrading garbage you’d typically hear in the English versions of songs like these. Unless of course, you speak Portuguese.


Light up and visualize tanned bodies sweating and dancing at Rio De Janeiro’s hypest beach party.

Atebayo- Grande Poder




This was my first of many discoveries during what soon became a black hole of internet digging. If an annoying pop singer was belting over this, or even if it was just a vocal-less beat, I likely wouldn’t be coming back on a consistent basis to listen to this track. I’d probably attribute it to something a douche bag would fist pump to at a lame rave, but somehow the almost chant-like Portuguese vocals keep me so into it. I can play this over and over again and not get sick of it. The macro-dynamics are amazing: interchanging between synth-heavy switch ups and Portuguese chants, flipping between full speed and half time rhythms. It’s a great song to run to, especially when you’re high. If you like working out after taking a dose of cannabis, I highly recommend adding this song to your playlist. Just when I start slacking it hits me with that double time and gets me going. Grande Poder means “great power” and this song definitely does that name justice.

2xPILLS- Chatuba


This song is named after a town in Rio De Janeiro called Chatuba. The intro literally screams at you and catches your attention instantly. The repetitive polyrhythms make the song feel tropical, all whilst feeling sort of grungy, almost like being on a hunt for treasure through the slums. I suggest taking your shoes off, smoking a strong indica, and banging your feet against the floor while letting your arms fly. Seriously. This is therapy: try it and let out all your stress as you rage to this Brazilian trap gem. This one is also great if you’re working out, as it switches between repetitive chants and bassy drops, keeping with the ebb and flow of a good run or weight lifting session.

Sulicidio – Paulo

This track might tingle your ears with familiarity. The hip-hop heads out there can recognize the sample that runs throughout from A$AP Rocky’s track L$D. Where L$D is more drowned out, and slow tempo, this track flips the sample to create a good ol’ fashion turn up jam. The contrast of hype vocals over weary slow synths makes for a really balanced, easy to listen to jam. Try meditating to this song as you smoke an indica heavy joint, let the grounding production and elevating vocals heighten your high and get you into your body and out of your mind.

Alright, this is it guys, you’re now familiar with the coolest underground genre out there. You may not know what they’re saying, but that’s kinda the point. Neglect the intellect for a bit and just FEEL. Smoke something with grande poder and get to it!


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