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July 28, 2017




How commonly do I find myself in blob mode at a party? Probably too often. It starts off innocent; I want to smoke up with my friends and take the vibe to the next level, but my plans quickly deter and I’m left on the couch drooling and snoring the party away. Now, it may not be the cannabis, it may just be my inability to hold liquor, or maybe it’s my over-worked body giving out. Either way, through trial and error, I’ve found the best cannabis strains to use at a party: the ones that actually GIVE you energy. I wanted the stuff that would keep me vibrant, talkative, and engaged. I wanted the giggly goods that flooded the room with waves of euphoria. I mostly just wanted to stay awake and have fun. And so, I bring to you, my list of party-safe sativa strains.




This delicious strain is a cross between Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. The two together create a sweet smoke that has subtle tastes of chocolate, almost like it’s been dusted with cocoa powder. It’s an extreme mood booster. If I’m heading to a party on necessity and not desire, this is the strain I chose. When you’re tired and grumpy from a long day of work, and your friend from first year college is having a reunion birthday party, and you really don’t want to go, but you feel like you kind of have to- this is the strain for you. Take your mood from zero to a hundred QUICK with a few hits of Chocolope. You might even end up being the life of the party!




I love this strain because of its balanced effect. If I know I’m going to a stoner party, where joints will definitely be in rotation, I make sure to keep some of this on me. It’s high CBD content actually balances out the psychoactivity of THC. It helps me stay out of my head and into the party. Naturally I’m a big thinker and tend to become reclusive and to myself if I smoke too much, which is why this strain is crucial if I want to keep mingling and having fun. It’s still a very uplifting strain, it just isn’t as mind-blasting as some strong sativas tend to be.


Blue Dream


This is a delicious, pungent sativa-dominant hybrid that continuously remains in my top 5 strains. It’s one of my favourite strains to smoke if we’re going out to a club, as it’s pretty strong and best suited for a night of dancing. If I want the energy boost and the euphoric feeling, this is my go-to. When I smoke Blue Dream I’m transported out of my body and onto the dance floor. I can literally dance all night when I’m puffing on Blue Dream. If you plan to go rage at a club, this is the strain for you.


Cali Orange


As an artist, “partying” sometimes means getting together with friends and making music. Cali Orange is my favourite strain for creativity. It’s so sweet tasting and it’s mellow enough to keep me sharp and thinking straight. I love sharing this one with friends before/during/after being in the studio or at music parties as it keeps us in a creative flow and really engaged in what we’re creating. If you’re an artist who regularly is in the studio, you probably know how often the booze and hard drugs are in rotation. It can definitely wear on you, so instead opt out for a mild high from this delicious sativa strain.




This potent Sativa strain is so tasty it could be considered a party trick. Roll up a joint of this to share amongst friends and they will be so intrigued by it’s citrus-y sweet flavour. It really does taste like Tangerine. I find the high to be pretty strong, but really manageable, in that it doesn’t make me anxious whatsoever. It’s a good one to smoke if you’re not planning to drink. If mixed with drinking it can be a little too strong in my opinion, but it’s an amazing energy booster on it’s own!


Partying doesn’t have to be lame. Despite the fact that I feel like a 45 year old trapped in a 25 year old’s body, wanting to go home and sleep majority of the time, I’ve managed to find a substance that can support my partying whilst not destroying my body. Thanks to these sativa strains I’m able to keep up with my friends and have fun. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to try them for yourself, and you’ll see just how invigorating they can be!


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