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Does Weed Make You Lazy?

January 12, 2018



Google defines “lazy” as meaning “unwilling to work or use energy.”

So the short answer to the question is “no,” weed does not make you lazy. What it does do is change the way you use energy.

The “High”

You will be more motivated to sit and think, self-reflect, make art,  talk, or meditate. But you will be less motivated to leave your house to go get groceries, interact socially with many people at one time, or do monotonous physical labor.

So while you may appear on the outside to be doing nothing, your inner activity is as high as ever.

This is why the cannabis euphoria is called a “high.” Weed puts you into a spiritual state associated with ideas, the imagination, beauty, and generally a more abstract type of energy.


Details of Things

Weed compels you to work on spiritual or artistic activities, usually while alone and sometimes with a companion. In this way, weed reduces the number of people and things you might pay attention to.

This reduction in multitude is complemented by an increase in magnitude; while the number of things on your mind decreases, the detail of those things greatly increases. That’s why something as simple as a hand can capture a high person’s imagination. They might seem to be acting stupidly, but their inner world is bursting with meaning.



Weed keeps you going on a similar path and makes it more difficult for you to deviate from that path. So while it may not give you the extreme amounts of jittery energy that caffeine does, it will keep you more stable, helping you reach your destination with fewer mistakes. The trick is to be in the stream of a good habit while getting high.

For example, if you’re sitting on the couch and you’re hungry, and get high, you might call a pizza delivery place to bring you food, since you will be less motivated to change your current course. But if you’re active and in the mood to create things, and you get high, you might find that you spend an hour in the kitchen using every possible ingredient to make an original and elaborate meal.

So in this case, weed does not make you lazier–it makes you more likely to continue following the path you’re on. It reduces motivation, increases habit.


The Moment

Another reason why people might appear lazy on weed is that they’re more focused on the present moment. Instead of thinking hours, months, or days into the future, a high person is focused on their immediate feelings and desires.

This is useful because it allows you to take a break from your long-term goals and focus on enjoying your life on a micro-scale. Stopping to smell the roses.

This focus on the moment can be seen as lazy by some because it doesn’t appear to be moving toward anything. But taking a break from working toward our goals is far from lazy. It’s one of the most prudent acts one can make. How else are you going to enjoy the journey properly but to take breaks from time to time and survey the land?




Doing nothing is still doing.

To sum up

  1. It makes you more willing to exert mental energy than physical energy.

  2. In increases your interest in small details.

  3. It makes you less likely to switch tasks.

  4. It puts you more in the moment.

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