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December 5, 2017



First, some news:

  1.  Wealth Shop is lit up and Santa came early! We will be giving away one elf-crafted present every Sunday during December. The last present was a Raw Backflip rolling tray with a bunch of goodies inside. Follow @Wealthshopcanada on Instagram for your chance to win next weekend.

  2.  The shop is hosting a food drive for UBC’s AMS Food Bank. Come in with a non-perishable food item (something canned or boxed) and give it to our staff. In exchange, get a stamp towards a free gram of flower!

  3. We got some amazing new CBD vape pens from Green Vapor! THC-free and over 99-percent CBD: medicinal cannabis oil without a high.

Now, some advice regarding Cannabis use during Christmas:


Christmas (the holidaze, winter break) is a time for family. Some people are very lucky and their family supports their cannabis use. But I know that many people’s parents are against it.

Obviously, at Wealth Shop we believe that cannabis is the greatest recreational drug and medicine in the world. We believe that it helps bring people closer together and cures many illnesses.


Sharing the love

If your family supports you using cannabis, why not let them try some? Try bringing some weed home for the holidays. Invite your parents, siblings, and extended family to share some with you. Because it never hurts to ask if they would be interested. A lot of people who are against the use of cannabis have never tried it, or have not used it in a comfortable setting. If they have a family member (you) who believes in it wholeheartedly, that can be a positive catalyst for them to try it.


Going solo

But we recognize that not all families will be interested in using cannabis. This is fine! To each their own. But obviously, hiding a part of who you are is not the best way to live. So even if your family is against marijuana, we recommend that you tell them about it, or at least use it openly around them, to the degree that they are tolerant of it. This display of confidence will prove to them that there is nothing to worry about. At the very least it might plant a seed in their heads. Maybe they will be ready to try some next Christmas!


If you have to hide it

There are some situations where you have to go rogue. This is the most unfortunate option, but it’s a reality, so we should talk about it. It’s important to remain non-hostile to your family if they don’t agree with you about your pot use. Try not to get into any fights about whether it is moral or not to use it. If you fight with them, it will only exacerbate their viewpoint that weed is a destructive force. So our advice to you is that if you have an intolerant family, use it in private. Though you should try to be honest that you are, in fact, using it.



Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Whatever your plans are during December, we hope you have a very positive, constructive experience with your loved ones, and start 2018 with a fresh heart.

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