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November 20, 2017



Sometimes we want to feel the background cerebral ring of cannabis without being too high to function, like when we’re writing an essay or doing homework.


In essence, we want to be sober and capable of clear, productive thought. Sometimes we’re out of alignment with that and we know we need a little bit of that cannabis bliss to get us there. Just a little bit.

This is where microdosing comes in.


A microdose is small enough that it does not tip the balance of consciousness into a high or low. A microdose is meant to have you performing optimally in whatever you’re doing. This could even be something like enjoying a movie. Yes, there is an optimal way to enjoy a movie.


How to Microdose Effectively

There are a couple of ways in which microdosing can be effective. The first is in restabilizing a mood disorder, and the other is in performance enhancement.


First, suppose you’re feeling a little bit tired and you need to come up. Maybe you had drinks last night, or you stayed up late watching a movie, or you generally had a bad sleep. In the morning, a microdose of cannabis should get you back on track.


So take a high-energy Sativa strain like Moby Dick and have just one puff (on a vape or from a one-hitter). Wait about five minutes to get a gauge on the effects. If you feel better, don’t take any more. You’ll be tempted to have more and get higher, but this effect will soon wear off and tip the scales back into fatigue again. Once you’ve got that stable baseline, you’re in a great position to get on with your day.



If you feel out of alignment again after a few hours, have another puff. I’ve found that about three small hits can keep me satisfied through a rough day. The best way to do it is to take these hits with your meals. That way you’ll mitigate the fatigue of food digestion.


The second way to microdose effectively is to enhance your performance at a given task. So for example, you might have a test or a presentation to do, and you need to calm your nerves a bit. Getting too high will make you stupid and anxious; all you want is that small, relaxing effect. A microdose is great for this. It’s the same as before: take one small hit, wait five minutes, and see if you feel more relaxed. If you do, that’s great. Now you have all of the benefits of being sober and clear, plus the smoothness and confidence that a little bit of cannabis can offer you.

Microdosing is an extremely effective way to use cannabis as a supplement. It’s very often used as a recreational drug and medicine, but it can be used as a tool to help you improve your day-to-day life as well. Remember, a little self-control goes a long way.

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