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November 18, 2017



We are all looking to increase our productivity. But with greater productivity comes a greater need for rest. Since so many Canadians drink coffee at work, could cannabis be the best route to relaxation after a long day?


All of us–students, scientists, artists, businesspeople, tradespeople, you name it–seem to have our coffee game figured out. There’s a coffee shop on every corner and Canadians are drinking an average of two cups per day, per capita. We want to be as productive as possible and coffee facilitates this in a healthy way.


Coffee is so ingrained in our culture that a coffee shop is a quintessential venue for a sober first date. Dating, ideally, produces people. How’s that for productivity?




The trouble with our love for coffee is that it is too stimulating to use on all occasions. We need something to balance it out. We must all come down and rest at some time or another.


The best way to come down smoothly from coffee to pair it with another substance which produces relaxation: the opposite of stimulation. This balances us out.


Unfortunately, our society endorses alcohol as its preferred route to relaxation.


We drink on Fridays and Saturdays to unwind after long weeks, and sometimes as we get older we get so wound up that we’re even drinking during weekday dinners.


The trouble with alcohol isn’t alcohol itself. The trouble is that it just isn’t an optimal way to relax in our modern world.


Our modern world is breaking away from foolhardy consumerism into an era where consciousness is a commodity. These days, we fare better when we are aware.


Therefore, instead of drowning our thoughts and emotions after a long day, our best bet is to consume cannabis.




Cannabis Compliments Coffee


Cannabis coaxes our underlying troubles into the forefront of our imaginations so that we can analyze and solve them properly.


Cannabis is a wonder drug. It is the perfect compliment to coffee after a long day at work.


Where coffee improves focus, industriousness, and orderliness, cannabis opens us, lets us feel, and reveals unconventional modes of thinking.


When we are in the cannabis state of mind after a long, coffee-fueled day, we improve our relationships with our friends and loved ones. We are forced into thinking abstractly, and we’re more sensitive to our surroundings. We enjoy movies better, we eat better, and we sleep better. This gives us the tenacity and freshness we need to go about our business and perform as well as possible throughout the week.


The critic might point to the lazy pot-head and say that this person is not productive or motivated. So how could cannabis increase a person’s productivity when the evidence says otherwise?




I agree that unchecked use of cannabis does make a person lazy. But the habitual pot-head who fails to find a balance by stimulating herself is in the same predicament as the stressed-out coffee-drinker who refuses to properly unwind: they are both failing to create balance for themselves.


This is why the cannabis and coffee make the perfect marriage: one is not complete without the other in a world where productivity and consciousness are equally valued.

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