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September 28, 2017



​Why Would You Want to Smoke a Spliff?


A spliff is a mixture of tobacco and weed rolled into a joint. There are many reasons you might like smoking one. Here are four.


1.) The best part about smoking a spliff is that it completely eliminates the threat of paranoia which is associated with strong Sativa strains. I have a low tolerance and my mind sometimes entertains the idea that the whole world is a dream, or someone evil is out to get me. If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate the nicotine in a spliff when you’re free to smoke however much you want without the psychological risk involved.


2.) The mixture of tobacco in a spliff means that not only do you save cannabis flower (which is expensive) but that you can also more accurately smoke an amount that is congenial to your needs. When you get too stoned, you put your life on hold and lose motivation. I’m a huge proponent of smoking responsibly.I see too many people smoking too much and losing themselves in the haze. The truth is, you want to use substances like THC and Nicotine as intricate tools to enhance your life, not as a blunt weapon to bash yourself over the head into an unconscious stupo


3.) Tobacco tastes nice to some people.


4.) Nicotine raises dopamine levels in the brain. This means that your spliff will work better as a reward than your average joint.


How to Roll a Spliff


Rolling a spliff is pretty much like rolling a regular joint, but you are going to use half tobacco and half cannabis. There is a technique involved in extracting the tobacco from a cigarette.



1.) Your favorite cannabis strain (Pictured is CBD Critical Mass)

2.) Tobacco

3.) Rolling paper

4.) Cardboard roach tip

5.) Lighter




rolling paper, roach tip, cigarette, CBD Critical Mass Cannabis Flower from Wealth

Start with Cannabis



Start by spreading your ground up cannabis onto your paper. As you can see in my picture, it is possible to use only a small amount of cannabis and still make a full-size spliff.


Mix Cannabis and Tobacco

The rollout technique

Roll out the tobacco from your cigarette using your thumb and forefinger. Start at the tip and work your way up. Use 50% tobacco and 50% cannabis to start, and modify to your own taste.


Roll it up


Spliff is ready to smoke!

Now roll the joint as you normally would. I prefer cylindrical style joints to cones because they’re easier to roll. Be gentle, and insert the tip once you have licked and sealed the roll.


Smoke It





When smoking a spliff, you will feel the effects hit you rapidly. If you’ve never smoked tobacco before, I recommend having a couch or a comfy chair nearby. You’ll be so relaxed that you won’t want to stand up anymore.


Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, leave a comment below or email me at


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