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August 7, 2017



Phone, keys, wallet: these items are essential for getting through the day. These items each serve a purpose, and without them we find ourselves ill-equipped to meet the demands of the world with ease and adequacy. Weed smokers, either naturally by necessity or by constant trial and error, expand this list to meet the needs of a life stoned. The things we require are simple in essence and of the sort that you will thank yourself greatly upon the realization that you did, in fact, Think Ahead™. Thus, I present a tentatively exhaustive list of 8 simple things to carry with you when you’re high.



Lord knows the level of urgency installed in us when met with the plague that is cottonmouth. Smokers know that once you’re high, the moisture in your mouth seems to simultaneously dry up, placing all your energy and attention on the simple task of finding a glass of water. Avoid this discomfort by carrying a reusable water bottle, preferably full, with you at all times. You gotta hydrate anyway, so carry on regardless of whether or not you’re getting high.


Eyedrops and/or Sunglasses

Canonical stoner shit. Some people’s eyes get far more bloodshot than others. For myself, I’ve never had a problem so I’m not a big Visine advocate, however, I see my friends heavily reliant on eyedrops so you might as well take the precaution regardless. Sunglasses grant you permission to do two things: one, walk around extraordinarily stoned on the low and two, avoid direct eye-contact if you’re a naturally anxious/awkward individual.


Mint Gum

This one follows the first and is intuitively obvious. Sometimes you need to change up the task in your mouth and that’s fair so why not be prepared.


Notepad & Pen

Ideas come to you so why let them disappear into the abyss? While I’m very aware that the line between information hoarding and conscious documentation is thin, I still think it’s crucially important for someone interested in altered states of consciousness (ie. stoners) to avoid laziness when it comes to understanding the things that they experience. You owe it to yourself to materialize the thoughts and ideas arrived at for later contemplation. *The note app in your phone works too*



Don’t get lost in your own biological impulses. If you’re hungry – and you will be – you should know what types of food satisfy you quickly and make you feel good. Healthy snacks, easily transportable, include nuts, seeds, dried fruit, granola bars, peanut butter – you know, the good things that won’t spoil and will fill you up quickly and without much hassle.


A Clear Conscience

Don’t navigate the world with a heavy or guilty conscience. These states of Being are one step away (this step being getting high) from paranoia. If you feel burdened by regrettable actions or inactions you should seek to amend these doubts before lighting up. Nobody should walk around in a state of constant paranoia, so do yourself the favor of sorting out your thoughts before interacting with the environment. This way, you can allow yourself to be truly present.


A Good Book

A lull in the day, a moment on the grass, sand, on the bus or in a waiting room should be met with the option to indulge in some of your favourite literature. Obviously what constitutes ‘good’ reading is relatively subjective so find something enthralling and take it with you next time you leave the house. Reading high is a skill and experience unlike anything else. The words and ideas may hit you in entirely new ways, leaving you engaged, at the deepest level of attention, with information that can do nothing but develop your Being with subtlety.


A Phone Charger

This one is self-evident. You may get lost, you may have plans that need tending to, you may need to take a photo of the stunning flower you just happened upon – the point is, you never know. Keep your phone on you and charged to avoid any missed opportunities or moments of panic.


So there it is, a somewhat anecdotal and prescriptive list of 8 things all stoners should carry on them at all times. As an end note, I want to also express the importance of being cognizant of WHERE YOUR THINGS ARE AT ALL TIMES. It took me several years of weed smoking/exploring to stop forgetting my belongings everywhere and anywhere without a reminder to double-check if I had everything. Admittedly, you can be slightly more thoughtless when you’re high and immersed in the immediate experience. So please, always collect your things before heading to the next destination. Stay safe.


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