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July 18, 2017


It’s no surprise that cannabis and exercise are a match made in fitness heaven. The energy boost and body awareness induced by cannabis consumption can seriously heighten any work-out regime. During a workout, natural mood-boosting endorphins are released in the brain and create a longer lasting high that boosts your mood and supports great feelings long after the workout is done. Below is a list of 3 classes in Vancouver that everyone should try while medicated. Whether you’re taking edibles or smoking a joint, we encourage you to experiment and plan a fun and inspiring cannabis infused workout regimen!


1. Reggae Yoga At Fortune Sound Club


If stoned yoga wasn’t enough, try stoned reggae yoga. This class is taught by Danielle Hoogenboom, a well-known yin/vinyasa teacher in Vancouver. Fortune is one of the best clubs for sound in the city, so you really feel engulfed by DJ Tank Gyals reggae selections.The class combines a mixture of vinyasa and yin styles, which makes for a well-rounded workout. Vinyasa is the fast-paced, one-breath-per-movement style of yoga that’s considered more of a cardiovascular challenge. The idea is to get the heart rate up, sync the breath to movement, build strength/flexibility, and shift Chi (aka energy) in the body. You can consider it a more dynamic practice. It’s perfectly paired with yin, the more passive form of yoga. In yin you’re holding postures for longer periods of time, mostly on the ground. Yin gives your muscles time to relax into a deep, deep stretch. It also helps target stagnant energy, fascia, and joints: all while giving you space to meditate and focus on stillness. The combination of the two practices along with dubby reggae beats leaves you feeling totally blissed out. Try an indica hybrid like Lindsay OG before this class, as it too is a perfectly balanced strain, both elevating and grounding!

Location: Fortune Sound Club

Price: $25 advanced tickets

Dates: Ongoing



2. Booty Freedom @ Karma Teachers

This class is one of my favourites to attend high. I suggest using an indica hybrid before this class, as it does have some choreography, and it’s best to be focused on the body and not stuck in the mind. I usually opt out for Blackberry or God’s Green Crack beforehand, as they’re energizing without the typical “heavy” feeling of an indica. This class is seriously, seriously fun. The teachers Nargis and Joy always start with an intention circle where they really stress creating a safe space for people to express themselves and release their booties through a variety of dance moves and super easy to follow choreographies. They do bi-weekly themed classes that are all awesome. Most recently they’ve done Ciara, Sean Paul, and Future x Migos themes. It’s a judgment-free place and everyone’s encouraged to vibe out and feel themselves. When I get high before this class, I get so into it, and I end up leaving feeling ecstatic. Another bonus: it’s a free or by donation class!

Location: 45 W Hastings, Karma Teachers

Price: Free or by donation

Dates: Bi-Weekly



3. Muay Thai at Gracie Barra

Muay Thai is a form of Thai boxing that is very high cardio. It gets the heart rate up all while helping you gain flexibility and strength. Before a high intensity class like this, I recommend taking your cannabis in edible form, either in a capsule or as a tincture, this way your lungs are clear and ready to work! The mellow high from a tincture can be a nice pick-me up, while a higher-dose capsule is great to help you break mental barriers are realize your body’s full potential. There’s no way the “lazy-stoner” stigma can prevail if stoners are attending these Muay Thai classes. The practice is both physically and mentally challenging, and it’s a great way to really push yourself past limiting boundaries. There’s a technique used called “the art of eight limbs” where fists, elbows, knees, and shins are all incorporated in order to breed well-rounded, full-contact fighters. You’ll leave sweaty and wake up pretty sore! Gracie Barra is a great studio with a diverse schedule, plus they give you the first class for free!

Location: 2440 Main Street

Price: First class is free

Dates: Check online schedule for daily classes



4. Ketch Di Vybz Dancehall Classes

Looking to boost your confidence? Love dancehall rhythms? Want to shake off the stress from your week? If so, this class is definitely for you. Both Judy and Venom are great teachers and have a variety of classes from afro-beat to dancehall. Learn twerk and whine techniques, get exposed to the newest dancehall tracks, and learn about dancehall culture. Be warned: these classes are very high-energy and extremely demanding on the body. You’ll be getting on your knees, winding your hips, and banging the floor. I love these classes because they create such a great space to expend any pent up energy and get really grounded and earthy. If you want an extra challenge they often offer “performance” classes, so you can register for a chunk of classes at a time and continuously work on a choreography that gets performed at the end of the course. Fun! I like to do a low-dose sativa capsule before going into these 2-hour dance classes. It hits me about ¼ of the way into the class, right after the warm up. Perfect timing!

Location: 677 Davie Street, Scotiabank Dance Centre

Price: $20 drop in (discounts if you buy a pass)

Dates: Check online schedule for weekly classes



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