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June 27, 2017


You are what you eat. As with most psychoactive substances, the THC in marijuana brings with it an awareness of the unity of all living beings. This awareness can exist in low-resolution forms; you may not even notice you have experienced this sentiment, but it is tied closely to the classic stoner notion that “everything is connected.” And it is.


The extent to which we recognize this varies with the state of our consciousness. Altered states of consciousness place you in a new frame of perception which enables you to understand that your life and energy are intimately entangled and that their separateness is the greatest illusion of all.


The food we put into our body plays a crucial role in calibrating our central nervous system. We know this intuitively as soon as we take a step back and consume mindfully. Mindful eating is an ideal worth pursuing. Ask anyone how they are feeling once they start consuming foods which naturally appeal to not just their ego, but their mind and soul, and they will tell you they feel better than ever. It’s incredible how many people habitually self-sabotage themselves for fleeting satiation. For example, the amount of people who consume dairy on a daily basis, while fully acknowledging the detrimental effects it has on their body, namely indigestion, acne, stomach pain, bloatedness, lowered mood, and fatigue, is astounding.


If we are willing to view our body as an object separate from ourselves, we are more willing to impose ill-treatment on it. Even upon recognition that meat and dairy negatively impact one’s mental and physical health, people remain stuck inside previous modes of existence that no longer serve them and may even harm them.


The vegan diet is not for everyone: I can admit that. However, neither is the standard American diet. The mass consumption of meat, eggs, and dairy is not only ecologically destructive, but also spiritually and psychologically afflictive. Individuals who switch from an animal-protein based diet to a plant-based diet are not wrong when they admit that they sleep better and feel lighter, clearer, and more energized. Plant-based diets hasten digestion and help you avoid the lethargy of having dense animal protein slowly working its way through the body.


The physiological benefits of switching to a plant-based diet are manifold. The health dimension is not merely limited to physical enrichment; health is far more dynamic than this. The personal principle of contributing as little harm as possible to the world can take humanity much further than we can imagine. Simply noticing the vast interconnected web in which all of our actions are implicated can reinforce the conviction that alleviating unnecessary suffering and cruelty is something we can all contribute to. Human/meat relationships are currently devoid of any reflection upon the actual existence of the animal involved in the consumptive act. Individuals no longer view meat as being connected to a living animal but as nothing more than a commodified product of consumption.


As most people are aware, factoring farming conditions are exceedingly nightmarish. There is a reason why parents take their children to the zoo and not to the slaughterhouse. Mass clear cutting to make room for animal agriculture is destroying rainforests: the lungs of our planet. Either we abstain from participating in meat and dairy industries as consumers or we radically transform our relationship to meat and demand considerable change from the industries themselves.


The current consumption pattern is unsustainable and we all know this. The truth is, we vote with our dollar every day. That is our true power. Weed can powerfully influence the level to which this message resonates. Weed can elucidate the concept that the energy we put into our bodies becomes the energy we put out. The tired stereotype of the stoner at McDonalds can die now. Conscious smokers know that weed is just one piece of the puzzle of wellbeing. Another piece is the integration of a lifestyle as cruelty free as the current system allows.

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